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We perform relocations of any complexity. Our company meets deadlines and technical standards. All work will be quicker and easier with us. Well-planned moving takes less time. Our company offers quality moving services in Orlando. We have years of experience and responsible staff. We can competently perform all the work. Our company has an extensive truck fleet. We offer high-quality relocations with a complete package of documents. You will feel comfortable, safe, and secure cooperation with our company. Our staff will carefully deliver your possessions to the right address. You only need to tell from what point and where you need to transport your stuff. We organize comfortable moving. We will also provide you with reliable packing materials. Are you still choosing movers in Orlando? Contact us. We will be pleased to help! Orlando is the fourth largest city in Florida. The city has long been a small settlement in a swampy tropical jungle with mosquitoes and alligators. But now, Orlando is nothing but a great place to live. It has a good climate, business opportunities, and lots of places to have fun!

NiceGuy Orlando Movers Advantages

Customer satisfaction

Most of our customers come back to us again. We guarantee that you will get a quality result at a favorable price. Our company also offers various discounts for regular customers.

Helpful Staff

Our employees will carry out the work in such a way that you won’t have to experience any inconvenience either in packing or delivering your stuff to a new place.

Cost-effective option

If you don’t know how to transport things properly, you can damage them. That’s why we recommend that you take advantage of our help. It will save you money.

Responsible approach

Our employees are responsible for the property throughout the entire moving process. Our team of professionals will not only load items into the truck but also unpack them at their new place.

Quality work

Moving with us is reliable, convenient and fast. Use the services of our moving company, and do not worry about the safety of your property.

Skilled movers

You need a certain physical endurance to move heavy items. Our moving company in Orlando employs trained people. They also have the skills to transport various items.

The Best Orlando Movers

Moving is a complex and time-consuming process, especially for beginners in this field. The safety of your items depends on the preparation stage, the choice of truck, and the loading process. Our company provides reliable moving services in Orlando. The duties of our employees include reliable packing of glass shelves and mirrors, disconnection of appliances, and furniture disassembly. We are ready to move your items seven days a week. Our team takes full responsibility for the organization of your move. Turning to us, you can safely go about your business, leaving all the worries to us. We also perform urgent moves and consider individual options depending on your budget. Many factors affect the cost of moving. But our company guarantees to move your property in complete safety. Our competent and trained employees will save you money and time. We will promptly move your property, protecting it with special plastic wrap and using boxes for a safer trip from place to place. When you decide what helpers you need, it is important to be clear about what part of the process you can do yourself. If you can pack your stuff yourself, our workers will load it into a truck and deliver it to a new location. Our managers will help you choose the best option for moving and answer all your questions.

What’s included:

  • Organized packing
  • Protection from injuries
  • Equipped trucks
  • Knowledgeable employees
  • Individual planning
  • Free moving estimate

Why choose us?

  • Available on short notice
  • Fixed price rate
  • Less stress
  • Outstanding customer care
  • More time to relax
  • No headache

Local Moving

Our employees can load and transport more effectively than you can. If you trust us, you will get a great result.

Long Distance Moving

It’s no problem for us to move your stuff from one part of the country to another.

Commercial Moving

You do not need to worry that the work of your company will be disrupted. We will help you move quickly!


Our staff will carefully pack valuable and fragile items and competently fasten the load in the truck.


If you want your belongings to stay safe, leave them in our warehouse. We offer an inexpensive and cost-effective option!

Piano Moving

You can trust us to transport your piano. Our employees use special equipment to do it safely.

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